anti-rip-off of idpapa


We have been in the fake ID business for years, giving us chances to deal with rip-offs. All kinds of ADS are flooding the Internet, such as 100% realistic ID, Premium identity cards, fake driver's licenses, fake ID, and scannable ID. Knowing that there are many rip-offs out there, it’s necessary to share our tips on avoiding losing money.

What Can You Do to Avoid a RIP-OFF? Details Matter.

anti-rip-off of idpapa

1. Real Printing Shop

Printing shops could cost millions, swindlers fail to send any info about it. They get exposed when asked how the fake ID are printed.

2. Necessary Proof

John Smith, for example, asks them to put their name on a white paper, mixed in their sample lots, and send you a photo or video. ( without proof at all, 100% questionable).

anti-rip-off of idpapa

3. If any Customer Services

The only response to an inquiry on payment; No customer services after it.

Payment received block and gone, a certain rip-off.

4. Quality Proof

When it comes to a scannable ID, whether it scans matters, Swindlers don’t have a scanner to show you the work. Ask them to scan a scannable ID picked from their samples.

Real scannable ID scanning test from us

anti-rip-off of idpapa

5. Package Proof

Ask them how they manage to keep your privacy. You don’t want a reply such as in a hidden box. Get some photo proof of their packaging.

Real discreet package from us

anti-rip-off of idpapa

6. Parcel Tracking No.

Tracking No# is very hard to fake. If they ship daily, you can get a reference. Simply put, you won’t know the parcel status of swindlers since they don’t ship.

Real tracking page from us

anti-rip-off of idpapa

7. Reviews

Writing style differs for everyone, you can get good reviews from a legit seller since they deal with many buyers every day.

Real conversation with our buyers

anti-rip-off of idpapa

8. Professionalism

Ask how they pull it off to print the fake ID; Judging by their professionalism. It flashes a red flag when you demand explanations on barcodes, holograms, UV images, etc;

anti-rip-off of idpapa

Judge by what they tell you and how many channels you can get into contact with them. Many swindlers won’t even be there, they just set up a website to collect the payment online.

9. Finally Instincts

We mean if they operate as a real fake ID maker. Combined all mentioned above, If you find yourself in a fishy situation, be alert.


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