Where to Use Fake IDs in Connecticut?

  • October 10, 2021
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In a state that has bars on just about every corner, where are you supposed to drink? Even if you have a legal one, it's no guarantee that you'll get in, especially at places that don't allow minors. With Connecticut fake IDs, you can get into a variety of places and still enjoy a few drinks. Moreover, fake IDs in Connecticut can be used at places that are restricted to minors, such as boarding schools.

Fines and jail sentences for using a fake IDs

Using a fake IDs to buy alcohol is against the law in Connecticut. You can be charged with forgery for using fake identification, even if it is a real license previously owned by someone else. Fines and jail sentences for this offense can range from $100 to $10,000. In addition, if you are caught, you may be forced to do community service or even serve probation. Fines and jail sentences for using a fake IDs in Connecticut can be steep, so you should consult a skilled juvenile defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Can you be found guilty of forgery in the second or third degree?

The penalties for forgery are severe, and prosecutors are often determined to seek the most severe penalties. Fortunately, Koffsky & Felsen, LLC has extensive experience in Connecticut state criminal court. Our team knows how prosecutors work and can challenge their evidence to reduce the charges. We have helped thousands of people avoid criminal convictions by successfully challenging prosecutors' cases.


Can you be searched without consent?

Can you be searched without consent when using fake identifications in Connecticut? If you've been arrested for using fake identification in Connecticut, you must know that a conviction for this offense is a felony. Additionally, a criminal record for using a fake IDs will be published online and will appear on any employment background check you ever perform. If you want to be considered for a highly competitive internship or a coveted grad school program, a fake IDs conviction can put your application on hold.


Can you be restored

If you're facing charges in Connecticut for using fake IDs, you have several options to fight the charges. Whether you choose to plead guilty or appeal a conviction, you'll have to make sure to contact an attorney at the earliest opportunity. A skilled attorney will present evidence that will be favorable to the prosecutor. For example, a well-prepared attorney will ask for a transcript from the University of Connecticut or a reference letter from a former employer. Moreover, a good attorney will recommend undergoing alcohol treatment.

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