How to Make a Fake ID

  • March 03, 2022
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If you want to learn How to Make a Fake IDs, you have a couple of options. One is to get an older person's driver's license and use it as a basis for your Fake IDs. Another option is to use UV imagery or a scanner to manipulate the card. After the card is scanned, you can print out your Fake IDs or upload it to a website that allows you to manipulate the information.

Getting a Fake IDs from an older person

Getting a Fake IDs from an older individual is a fairly common practice. Older people are much more likely to hand over an actual driver's license. This method is very effective, but it's not as safe as you might think. The bouncer at the bar may notice your Fake IDs, be saltier than usual, and refuse to let you in. In this scenario, you'd better get your best friend's number and go get some tacos, because the bouncer could get your ID.

Using a camera

Making a Fake IDs can be an extremely easy process if you know what you're doing. The key component is the camera. If you want to create a convincing Fake IDs, the picture must match the real thing as closely as possible. A real ID photo is taken directly in front of the person, with a flash, and a shadow behind the head. The photo you create should look as professional as possible. Using a webcam or a tripod can help you take a better photo, but make sure to keep the original ID of the state where you reside.

Using a printer

Using a printer to make a counterfeit ID can be tricky. First, you'll need to make sure the photo is realistic looking. This can be achieved by using a tripod and duplicating the background of the original ID with a bedsheet or drape. Secondly, you'll need to ensure the typeface used on the Fake IDs matches the one on the original. While most licenses use the slab serif typeface Courier, newer ones use Arial.

Using UV imagery

UV imagery is a feature of state IDs. Often, IDs with this feature will have holes made by laser, which seal the UV imagery and protect it. Cheaper laminates bubble up when bent, so you have to be sure the ID is UV-coated before presenting it to someone. Some state IDs also have laser-perforated holes that form pictures when held up to UV light. These holes are different for each state, so you should train on the most common IDs before trying to create a fake.

Using Teflon paper

To make Fake IDs, all you need is a laminator and heavy-duty adhesive. Start by turning the laminator on to a low-medium setting. Insert the ID into the aperture of the laminator. Let the ID cool for five to ten minutes before handling. The laminator should be set to a low temperature because too-high temperatures will melt the adhesive between the two layers of paper. Once the lamination is done, you can cut it with a pair of scissors or a utility knife.

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