Arizona Fake ID

  • PRICE: $150

Group Price

  • 2-3 id cards $90.00 each
  • 4-9 group order $70.00 each
  • 10+ group order $60.00 each


look at the scanning test:


  • Current with a star: 8 years.
  • Current without star and prior format: Valid until age 65; then 5 years.
  • Expiration is on my birthday. A 6-month extension is available if out of state for more than 30 days

【Number】1 letter followed by 8 digits or a Social Security number. Social Security number only if formerly used and the licensee requests it.

【Template】 Current design matches Arizona fake IDs issued by the DMV.


  • Ghost image with overlapping laser perforation in the shape of Arizona.
  • Raised tactile DOB; OVD state seal, “ARIZONA,” and state outline.
  • Microprinting; UV feature with cactus.
  • The back comes with a duplicate photo of the Arizona cardholder printed in ultraviolet ink.
  • Digitized credit card style with optically variable overlay using Teslin card.

【Scannable fake ID Features】

  • Durable card with magnetic stripe and 2D barcode on back. May show out-of-state address.
  • For CDL, green Arizona’s “COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSE” (current).

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