Kansas Fake ID

  • PRICE: $150

Group Price

  • 2-3 id cards $90.00 each
  • 4-9 group order $70.00 each
  • 10+ group order $60.00 each

【Available Cards】 State ID & Driver’s license of Kansas.

【Term】 6 years for 21-64, expires on birthday.

【Number】 Assigned, uncoded number consisting of K plus 8 digits.

【Template】 Current design validates KANSAS licenses issued by the DMV.


  • OVD (Optically Variable Device) in the form of Seal, “KANSAS”; tactile DOB; laser-engraved ghost image.
  • Laser-perforated turtle; microprinted parts throughout the card.
  • UV front; skyline, flower, rope, lines, “KANSAS.”
  • Back UV; DOB, ghost image.
  • Kansas iconic farming tools graphics.
  • Real ID or NOT FOR FEDERAL statement.

【Scannable Features】

  • Encoded ICN (1D) & QR (2D) codes. Must show Kansas address.
  • Laminated card with flexibility to pass bending test.

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