Maryland Fake ID

  • PRICE: $150

Group Price

  • 2-3 id cards $90.00 each
  • 4-9 group order $70.00 each
  • 10+ group order $60.00 each

【Available Cards】 State ID & Driver’s license of Maryland.

【Term】 8 years for 21 and older, expiring on birthday.

【Number】 Coded number, first letter of last name, followed by 12 digits: 1-3 = code of last name; 4-6 =code of first name; 7-9 =code of middle name or initial; 10-12 = code of birth date.

【Template】 Current design matches Maryland Fake IDs issued by the MDOT.


  • Laser-engraved black-and-white photo; ghost image with date of birth changes as card is tilted.
  • Smaller, color photo on back; Maryland-themed features.
  • UV front; SEAL.
  • UV back; deliberate misspell & state outline.
  • Identifier, DL number, expiry, date of birth, and signature in raised print.
  • Blue Crab; “MARYLAND,” snowflakes & “MD” printed using edge-cutting technique.

【Scannable Features】

  • Licenses have barcodes on back (current license 1D and 2D, prior license 2D only).
  • May show Maryland address only.

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