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Established in 2012, IDPAPA Company has been a key player in the card production industry in the United States for over a decade. With a steadfast focus on quality and customer satisfaction, it has garnered a remarkable client base exceeding 1 million customers, boasting an impressive 98% customer satisfaction rate. Its primary markets span across the United States and Canada.

Furthermore, the company's Chinese manufacturing facility boasts a state-of-the-art infrastructure, equipped with over 20 of the world's leading card production machines. Presently, IDPAPA Company employs over 300 dedicated professionals, including a robust research and development team comprising 120 individuals, alongside 80 senior technical experts and 40 skilled engineers. Additionally, a dynamic sales and customer service team of over 100 individuals operates across the United States, Mexico, and the Philippines, ensuring seamless customer support and service.

Looking ahead to 2024, IDPAPA Company is strategically expanding its global footprint, actively seeking to establish and fortify its distribution channels worldwide. We are also welcome to all kinds of cooperation. You can find us from our online customer service (E-mail:order@idpapa.com).




Whether you're looking for a novelty ID for entertainment purposes, age verification, or exclusive access, our extensive collection is designed to meet your needs. Our team of specialists is constantly updating their knowledge with the newest advancements in technology and security to provide scannable IDs that adhere to the highest quality and authenticity standards.





In 2012, the company established a factory in China to conduct OEM card production for the domestic market. That same year marked the commencement of international expansion efforts, encompassing card design, printing, UV cards, RFID cards, scanning cards, and more.

By 2014, a second factory was established in China, formally launching the IDPAPA brand and expanding into the production and sales of anti-counterfeiting materials.

In 2018, the company established a customer service team in the Philippines, offering industry-leading 24-hour customer support services.

By 2022, the company introduced cutting-edge card production equipment ranked among the top three globally. With enhanced production efficiency and update frequency, it emerged as an industry leader, boasting card production technology on par with military standards.

In 2023, the company initiated a dedicated social media/forum section, further soliciting and implementing customer feedback.

In 2024, the company embarked on a global distribution channel strategy, inviting partners to join and offering lucrative profit margins of up to 70%-80%.

In summary, the company has undergone significant milestones, from its inception in 2012 to its expansion into international markets, technological advancements, and commitment to customer satisfaction, culminating in its strategic initiatives poised for success in 2024 and beyond.




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