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About Us

Suzhou Poinse Iot Technology Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Poinse Iot Technology Co., Ltd., was established in April 2013. It focuses on the research, development, and sales of products in the field of intelligent identification, and actively builds a one-stop integrated service provider for software and hardware. 

Our main business range is Barcode scanners, PDAs, IPC, and RFID Label Printer. With solid product quality and a perfect service system, we have won the praise of customers in the industry.

About Us

This scanner is easy to connect and program. After charging overnight I connected it to my laptop via Bluetooth. Connects every time with no issue. Reads barcodes that I didn't ever think it would. It's lightweight which is nice for those hours of inventory. It feels like quality plastic and has some rubber bump-points which makes it feel fairly rugged. Battery life seems to be great.


Bought this a year or so ago, worked okay for one or two codes here and there but today is the first time I tried to use it for bulk scanning. Wasted the morning trying to scan in several boxes of laptops, only to have to do it again and again before finally giving up. The scanner does not scan the bar code that it’s aimed at, it insists on scanning the code above or below it.


This is a nice sturdy scanner that works well. The biggest issue I have had with it is that over time if the base is moved frequently, the Bluetooth module in the base will come loose, this is easily fixed by taking the base off and plugging it back in since it is just a USB dongle in there. My only other issue is that pairing can be frustrating if you are dealing with multiple scanners and are not familiar with the manual.


The scanner is well-built. Took a little bit to figure out how to tilt the cradle up. Flip the base over and there are two 'snap catches' that if you press downward and pull, the sides of the cradle pop off. Now tilt the cradle up 45 degrees so it fits into the slot and snap the sides back on.


I like how this scanner simply does its job. Needed to get one to start inventory things. Looked for a reasonably priced one that seems rugged, and the product is just as good as the picture showed. A garage with a lot of boxes can get messy in a hurry, so I wanted to get this to streamline the process.


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