How Fast Can I Get My IDs?

How Fast Can I Get My IDs?

  • 19 August, 2023
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Get your novelty ID delivered swiftly with our expedited shipping options! We understand your eagerness to hit the town, which is why we offer two shipping choices to suit your needs.


You’ll get your scannable IDs  delivered faster than you can say “Let’s go bar hopping!” …Alright, maybe not that fast, but you’ll opt for our express shipping service to receive your ID in just 5-7 days after production. With this option, you'll have your ID in hand in no time, allowing you to start enjoying your favorite venues sooner. Please note that express shipping may require an additional fee.


If you prefer a cost-effective option, our standard shipping is available at no extra charge. We utilize reliable courier services such as UPS or USPS for standard shipping, typically delivering your ID within 10-14 days after production. While it may take slightly longer than express shipping, it's a convenient and budget-friendly choice.


Rest assured, regardless of the shipping method you choose, we prioritize efficiency and quality in every aspect of our service. From fast production to prompt shipment, we're committed to ensuring you receive your novelty ID promptly and securely.


So why wait? Place your order today and get ready to experience hassle-free delivery and exceptional service with!

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