5g High Performance RFID Mobile Terminal

5g High Performance RFID Mobile Terminal

There are 5G terminals in the world, and there are also terminals using Impinj E710 RFID chips, but when combining the two with T2 UHF, iData is the first. 5G is about the network, and the E710 chip is about the RFID reading speed. The two seem to have little connection, but they reflect the innovation of iData in subtle ways. Let the editor explain it.

Get the job done faster

T2 UHF has the Impinj E710 high-performance RFID module and a 5dBi circularly polarized high-sensitivity antenna. The reading distance in the open environment can reach 20 meters, and the tag reading rate is greater than 700tags/s.

When faced with large-scale tag reading work, T2 UHF can help users save 40% of time and complete the work faster. It also supports NFC and UHF dual-band RFID, allowing users to use it in more scenarios.

5G chips reduce waiting

T2 UHF uses MTK 8-core 2.0GHz 5G chip. The chip performance is strong, ensuring that the device operates at full load without lag. It also supports SA, NSA and Sub6 5G modes.

The peak rate can reach 20Gbps, and the transmission delay is as low as a few milliseconds.

Dual SIM card, dual standby, free choice of network provider, lower rates and better signal.

6.21-inch water drop screen, 1520*720 ultra-high resolution, the picture is clearer and more detailed.

Double heat dissipation with full firepower

T2 UHF equips the Impinj E710 module with fin-shaped metal heat sink + built-in cooling fan. The dual heat dissipation blessing can reduce the average operating temperature of the RFID module by 10°C, ensuring that the device can be used at full power for a long time.

High-performance RFD module, combined with 5dBi circularly polarized high-sensitivity antenna;

The reading and writing distance can reach more than 15 meters, and the tag reading rate is greater than 700tags/s;

Save 40% of time when doing bulk inventory and other tasks.

Super long battery life, longer battery life

The T2 UHF body has a 4500mAh built-in battery, and the handle has a 6700mAh removable battery. It supports two power supply methods, with a total of 11200mAh of large power, which can meet the use of 2 shifts, providing sufficient "ammunition" for full firepower.

4500mAh built-in battery in the body + 6700mAh removable battery in the handle

When replacing the battery in the handle, the battery in the body can ensure the stable operation of the whole machine.

It saves the time of restarting the device and logging in to the account again.

Algorithm support is born for efficiency

Dynamically adjust the opening time of the RFD module according to the number of tags;

Improve module usage efficiency and extend module service life

Reduce heat generation and optimize the power consumption of the entire machine.

Comfortable to hold and use right away

A large battery is added to the bottom of the handle, and the weight of the entire machine is concentrated in the center.

It will not squeeze your fingers when holding it, nor will it affect your fingers when pulling the trigger button.

The screen forms an included angle of 15° with the RFD antenna, camera, and scanning head.

When performing RFD reading, taking pictures, and scanning the front

Allows users to easily see the screen and avoids the fatigue of excessive bowing of heads.

It is the innovation and refinement in RFID reading performance, network, heat dissipation, battery life, algorithm, ergonomic design, and other aspects that make T2 UHF so excellent and allow users to scan happily.

T2 UHF has two versions: 5G and 4G. The 4G version also integrates a high-definition large screen, large memory, and high-performance RFID chip, making it more cost-effective than the 5G version.

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