Bangxun Continues Appear be Wonderful

Bangxun Continues Appear be Wonderful

Those exhibitions from south to north

2021 Suzhou International Expo Center-Suzhou Industrial Manufacturing Exhibition:

From October 15th to 17th, the three-day 2021 Suzhou International Expo Center-Suzhou Industrial Manufacturing Exhibition came to a successful conclusion.

This exhibition brings together famous companies and big names. It is a good platform for corporate competition and international exchanges to discover market hot spots, solve technical difficulties, and seek solutions.

For this industrial manufacturing exhibition, with the theme of "Innovation Promotes Development, Cooperation Creates the Future", Bangxun focuses on the pressures and challenges of enterprises, and brings to the audience a full range of high-performance and highly reliable mobile intelligent terminal products, as well as ribbon label printers, The rich on-site application experience such as enterprise mobile information solutions that comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of enterprises has not only attracted great attention from industry experts and audiences, but also attracted many domestic and overseas partners to come for exchanges and research.

After eleven years of technology accumulation, Bangxun has focused on the field of mobile intelligent terminals. In recent years, it has focused on the fields of automatic identification, sensing, and RFID technology, constantly innovating and developing, and has developed and produced a number of handheld terminals that meet the needs of various industries. From extensive to sophisticated, from a single product to today's ultra-large screen, general-purpose and RFID products, every step embodies the power of Bangxun's innovation and service.

Audiences conduct on-site testing and experience the excellent products recommended by Bangxun up close. In the future, Bangxun will strictly adhere to quality standards and bring users more efficient and stable intelligent identification tools.

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