How to Pay For My ID?

How to Pay For Scannable ID Purchase?

Looking for the premium scannable ID but unsure how to pay for it? Look no further than our convenient payment options. These methods are ideal in terms of privacy and ease of use. We accept three payment options and this guide will explain how to use each one. Here is a list of modes of payment acceptable by our system:

· Bitcoin/USDT 

· CREDIT CARD/Debit Card

· PayPal


· Bank Transfer


1. Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is one of our commonly used payment methods, especially favored by group-buying customers. Depending on the customer's country, we provide the corresponding bank account information. Currently, we support international payments, domestic payments within the United States, and domestic payments within Canada. 


Typically, the processing time for bank transfers is within 24 hours. However, due to certain banks having strict protocols, the processing time may extend to 24-48 hours. 


The primary advantage of bank transfers is that you can confirm the successful payment and have the option to reclaim funds promptly. Additionally, online bank transfers are supported for completing order payments.


2. Bitcoin/USDT

This is the simplest and quickest payment method for order processing. It enables us to expedite your order. To use this payment method, choose "BITCOIN" in the payment options during checkout. At the end of the order, you will receive contact details to tag for IDpapa customer service. We also accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and you can make payments to our address using your CashApp account.


3. Credit/Debit Card

Credit card payments can be conveniently completed directly on IDpapa's payment page. However, if you encounter any payment issues, feel free to reach out to IDpapa customer service. Additionally, we will provide alternative methods to assist you in completing payments with your credit card.


Before you proceed with the payment for your scannable card, please note: To protect your payment privacy and safety, the product will appear as "baby furniture" on the payment page as well as your credit card statement. This is intentionally done to ensure discretion. We appreciate your understanding.



Since we only accept Amazon Gift cards purchased in the US & in person. We do *NOT* accept Amazon gift cards purchased online (i.e. e-codes). Please follow the steps below to complete your order:


· Step ONE: 

Visit our IDpapa ordering page, add the items you need to your cart, and once you've added the items, proceed to the payment page by clicking on it.


· Step TWO:

Once you enter the payment page, you will see the total amount due for your order. Please make sure to note the order amount. Next, proceed to select your payment method. For faster assistance, we have 24-hour live customer support available.


· Step Three:

Visit a Grocery, Gas Station, or convenience Store such as CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, RiteAid, 7-Eleven, Target, Kroger, or Albertsons, or check Google Maps to find any other store near you with Amazon Gift Cards available on their shelves.


· Step Four: 

Load your calculated total in USD to the Amazon Gift Cards.

Note: Please select Amazon gift cards with denominations of $199 or below. For example, if the order amount is $210, we recommend purchasing one $100 Amazon gift card and one $110 Amazon gift card.


· Step Five: (you need to provide for us)

Please provide a photo of the Amazon gift card with the card number(plz confirm that the card number starts with AQ... ). It's best if there's a receipt from the card purchase.

Customers often take photos of receipts and gift card codes and send them to us. 


PS: The payment verification will be delayed. Once the verification is successful, you will receive our card information confirmation letter by email/Whatsapp/Telegram. If it's not successful, we will notify you.

If you need prompt guidance, you can directly contact our customer service. Due to a high volume of customer inquiries, we strive to respond within 1 hour.


5. Paypal

PayPal is one of the preferred payment methods for IDpapa customers. However, as widely known, PayPal does not support receiving payments or transferring funds for the use of scanning card services. 


Nevertheless, to meet the demands of our valued customers, we have devised a solution. We will receive payments through alternative methods. Due to the high volume of transactions, there may be delays in payment processing. However, rest assured that we will promptly contact customers as soon as there are any updates on payment receipts.


If you would like to inquire about more contact options, feel free to reach out to IDpapa customer service.

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