New Jersey Fake ID

  • PRICE: $150

Group Price

  • 2-3 id cards $90.00 each
  • 4-9 group order $70.00 each
  • 10+ group order $60.00 each

【Available Cards】 State ID & Driver’s license of New Jersey.

【Term】 4 years. Licenses issued after March 2018 expire on holder’s birthdate.

【Number】 15 characters, spaced 5-5-5, coded as follows (see current license): N =first letter of last name; 2963 26763 = state licensing codes; 0970 = month and year of birth; 2 = eye color. (Note: 50 is added to birth month for females [e.g., 51 = January; 6 l = November]. For males, the birth month is 01, 02, etc.)

【Template】 Current design matches New Jersey Fake IDs issued by the MVC.


  • Fine-line background; rainbow printing; state seal and “NJ” repeat in holographic overlay.
  • Repeating “NEW JERSEY” and state silhouette visible under ultraviolet light.
  • Microprinting technique used to print parts on back.
  • Motor Vehicle Commission monogram & state outline, map.

【Scannable Features】

  • 1D & 2D codes. Fully compatible with format used by the MVC.
  • May show out-of-state address for Non-CDLs only.

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