1. Why IDpapa.com?

With over a decade of expertise, IDpapa stands as a leading card manufacturer. Our rich experience, advanced technology, and commitment to excellence make us the preferred choice. Offering a broad spectrum of services, for example, scannable IDs, SSN Card, Disabled Parking Permit, and Green Card. We pride ourselves on quality, innovation, and reliability. Our customer-centric approach ensures tailored products that meet your unique requirements. With cutting-edge production techniques, we guarantee superior products that adhere to the highest standards of safety. At IDpapa, expect not just cards but an unparalleled experience. Choose us for a decade-tested legacy of quality and service excellence.

2. How to prove that IDpapa are legit ID Vendor?

Visit IDpapa's video page where we meticulously showcase the quality of our products. Dive into our comments section for authentic customer feedback. See for yourself the real experiences of our customers.

Or join our TG group or follow our FB group. Both groups are open for discussions, allowing clients to freely express their thoughts. Gain insights from satisfied IDpapa customers and access valuable advice. We take pride in being open, a practice uncommon in the industry, showcasing our authenticity and sincerity. This transparency reflects our confidence in the quality of our products. Join the conversation and experience firsthand the genuine nature of IDpapa.

In our groups, we regularly share product and production videos, aiming to provide customers with a deeper understanding of IDpapa. Join us for an inside look!

3. Which payment methods are available on IDpapa?
Credit Cards, Bank transfers, Paypal, Bitcoin, and Amazon Gift Card can be as first choices. There is a 30% fee if paid via Zelle or Cash app. 

4.  What is the price of IDpapa product?
IDpapa offers a variety of products at affordable prices, including scannable US driver's licenses and Canadian driver's licenses, SSN cards, green cards, and disabled parking permits. Pricing for each product is different, and our website may have periodic promotions, with prices subject to change at any time. You can visit our "Shop" page to view the prices for each product.

If you want to order scannable IDs from different states in a group order, add the first scannable ID you need to the cart. After that, you will see a "Continue Shopping" button that will take you back to the product page to choose another product.

Group Discounts: Our group pricing is also unbeatable. We offer different discounts on group orders, and the size of the discount may depend on the number of IDs you order. If you want to get a quote quickly, feel free to contact our customer service.

5. Do you offer free duplicates?
Yes! A "Duplicate" is a cloned copy of the ID you order from us. We provide a free duplicate with each order. In group orders, we also include duplicates. Therefore, if you order for 5 people, you will receive a total of 10 IDs, with each person receiving an extra one.

6. Will my scannable ID Scan?
IDpapa's primary goal is to earn your trust. Our scannable IDs are highly popular among young people in the United States, and we have never let down any customer. The features of each ID are outlined on our scannable ID page, and we have never failed to provide a license lacking any of the security elements we advertise.

Here are some processes our licenses go through:

Data Information and Gathering: Customized information is submitted through our website's order form.
Printing and Card Material: Each security element is printed on different layers, merged through lamination.
Card Programming: The cards are programmed using our custom QR (1D, 2D) codes.
Encoded Card Scanning: Scanned using applications like PDF417, BCS, and card readers, and swiped for magnetic stripes.
Lamination and Double Scanning Before Shipping: Cards are laminated, and two scanning tests are conducted before shipping.

Therefore, our driver's licenses can be scanned anywhere. If any ID fails to scan, we take full responsibility and provide a full refund in such cases. However, to date, we have shipped thousands of IDs without any such complaints.

7. When will my scannable cards be delivered?
Hello, we offer two shipping options:
A: Free shipping: applies to all orders, delivery time is about 2 business weeks.
B: Rush shipping: with an extra $60 shipping fee, delivery time is about 1 business week, shipped via DHL or FedEx.

8. How to track my package?
Once your scannable IDs meet the shipping standards, we will send the final images to your email. After confirming their accuracy, we will dispatch the package to the provided shipping address. Approximately one day after the cards are shipped, we will also provide you with a tracking number via email.

9. How to place the order?
Ordering your scannable driver's license on IDpapa is a straightforward process. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the IDpapa order page and submit your customization information.

  • Step 2: Calculate your total price by entering the number of IDs you want to order and selecting the state for the license. If you're ordering multiple or different state IDs, click the "Continue Shopping" button on the information submission page and select a specific state ID for each person.

  • Step 3: After successfully adding the desired products to your cart, proceed to the payment page and choose your preferred payment method.

10. How should I take my photo for a scannable ID card?
Compliant Background:

1. Choose a solid, light-colored background, typically white or light gray.
2. Avoid patterns, designs, or complex backgrounds, ensuring the focus is on your face.

Lighting Setup:

1. Use even natural light, avoiding strong shadows and reflections.
2. Avoid overly bright or dark lighting, ensuring the face is clearly visible.

Facial Expression:

1. Maintain a neutral expression with eyes open, looking at the camera.
2. Avoid smiling excessively or having a too serious expression, keeping facial muscles relaxed.

Head and Eye Position:

1. Keep the head straight, facing the camera.
2. Ensure both ears are visible and not obstructed.
3. Eyes should look straight ahead with no deviation.

Clothing Requirements:

1. Avoid wearing overly flashy clothes, opt for plain-colored attire.
2. Refrain from wearing hats, headgear, or items obscuring the face.

Head Size and Eye Contact:

1. Ensure the head size conforms to specified standards, often 2 inches × 2 inches.
2. Maintain a high-quality photo with clear details for easy identification.

Adherence to Regulations:

1. Refer to local regulations and issuing authorities' requirements to meet their standards.
2. Ensure the photo undergoes no post-processing for authenticity.

Hence, we have a specific “PHOTO GUIDE” in our scannable ID guide section you can read the rules & indulge yourself with the DMV standards to send us a correct photo for your ID or license.

11. Can I use my specific/custom Name, EXP Date, Address, or License Number?
Yes, you can provide your custom name, age, address, expiry date, signature, and other information for submission. We also allow you to choose the hair color, eye color, or endorsements you want on your license. However, we strongly advise our customers to exercise caution while doing so.

If you're not familiar with the format of a specific state's license number, we recommend against using a custom license number when placing an order with us. Using an incorrect format may lead to your ID being identified as fakes by in-state clerks or bouncers.

You have the option to leave fields such as expiry dates, issue dates, license numbers, or class empty. By doing so, our system generates custom license numbers and other credentials using our "FAKEs ID INFORMATION GENERATING SYSTEM," which is as accurate as DMV software. If you're uncertain about the process, it's best to let us handle it. You can learn more about how we generate fakes information for your ID here.

12. My order has the wrong information and credentials.
When submitting your order, customers can preview the information at any time to confirm its accuracy. We also send order details to your email, providing two effective ways to check for any errors. If you discover any inaccuracies and fail to notify us within 24 hours of submission, in such cases, once the production of the product has begun, IDpapa does not provide free reprints or refunds.

13. Do you provide Refunds or Reprints?
Our reprint policy is designed to be flexible. We issue a new ID card only in cases where our scannable ID fails to meet your specified requirements or if any mishandling is detected on our part. Fortunately, such instances are rare, and our satisfied customer base, comprising thousands of subscribers, attests to the quality and reliability of our IDs.

Refunds are guaranteed if you do not receive the intended product.

14. I need to change my shipping address.
If you need to change the shipping address, please ensure that your ID has not been shipped yet. If it has, we cannot make changes. However, if it hasn't been shipped, we can update the address for you. Provide your order number and the new shipping information, title the support ticket as 'Shipping Address Change,' and we'll process it as soon as possible.

15. Can I be an IDpapa reseller?
Certainly, we can provide resellers with more favorable pricing plans, but we will tailor the quote based on your monthly demand.
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